Frequently Asked Questions about Blogspot & Blogger Templates


Thanks for landing on this page, Here you will see all those questions which are frequently asked by Bloggers/Blogspot Users. These questions are solely related to Blogspot Platform.


What is Blogger and how does it work ?

Blogger is a No-1 Blog-Publishing Service operated by Google Team. Blogger is also known as Blogspot which was developed by Pyra Labs, which was officially acquried by Google Inc back in 2003. Your blog will be hosted by Google itself and could be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Which Template is Best for Blogger ?

Parhlo is the best template for blogger. It comes with unlimited features like, admin ready, drag drop, flexible and a heavy multipurpose theme. You can create any type of blog in few clicks. Create a simple or magazine theme easily with parhlo theme.

How do i use  Google Blogger ?

All you need to create Gmail Account. You can use same email to login in your Blogger platform.

How do i download a Blogger Template?

There are many websites offer premium & free blogger templates. You can download any premium free blogspot templates from our marketplace

How do i customize my Blogger Template?

To customize your theme, you need to login inside blogspot dashboard. Choose edit html editor and start customization.

How can i create a free blog ?

You can create a free blog on

How do you structure a Blog?

Structuring a blog means, make a simple html interface of a blog/website. You can use 3 main wrapper like Header wrapper, main wrapper and footer wrapper for a simple blog.

Which is better Blogger or WordPress ?

Both Blogger & WordPress are blogging platforms. One has its own pros and cons when it comes to design and SEO. So it depends upon you which one is perfect choice for you.

Is Blogger completely Free ?

Blogger is completely free as it is owned by Google. It does not need hosting and all your data will be hosted at Google Server. The only thing you need to do is to purchase the domain name.

Can i use WordPress theme on Blogger ?

No, You cannot use WordPress theme on Blogger. WordPress is self-hosted while Blogger is non-self-hosted platform. WordPress theme is using PHP which is unsupported by Blogspot editor.

How do i choose a theme for my Blog ?

It depends on your blog category. If your blog is magazine type, search for magazine style, if you want to make simple choose a simple blog layout theme.

How do I find the name of my Blogger template?

Since, there is no tool to find the name of your blogger template, however you can use the source file of your theme where often designer leave their name. Or contact our team to do this work for you.

How do you get paid themes on Blogger?

You can get premium or paid themes on these verified sites like, / / and much mores.

What is a blog template?

A blog template is a simple html theme created in html, css, javascript. Where as

What is the best free blogging platform? is the most secure free blogging platform among all other blogging services networks.

You can add template to blogger in simple steps. Go to blogger dashboard Click on Theme Click upload new Template. Click Save.

Which Blogger template is best for Adsense?

You can browse adsense ready category in our marketplace to get perfect ads ready theme.